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I’m S. M. Boyce, published fantasy & horror author, and I created this Boyce Ink resource for two reasons:

  1. to answer the many question I get, and do so in a public forum that reaches as many people as possible
  2. to support new authors on their quests to not only get published, but to succeed

Boyce Ink is full of advice for published and aspiring writers. It’s designed to give authors & novelists TONS of resources to thrive in business, writing, and life. This is a place where we get sh*t done.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Videos & Posts

The blog is full of articles, including an expansive archive. I’ll share my experience, answer questions, and try to pay it forward as best I can.

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Podcast Archives

J. N. Chaney and I ran the Indie Pub Podcast for awhile and interviewed some of the most successful indies from 2016. Listen in on the archives.

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